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Leading the integration of e-Learning

National Goal:

  • principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational)

Cluster Goals:

  • Develop leadership and leadership capability within the schools and cluster
  • Developing Principal professional growth and strategic leadership for change
  • Develop a culture of learning conversations between colleagues and schools

Success Indicators:

  • In the Cluster Schools, learning conversations are rich and inclusive, based on best practice, and as a result there is a professional culture of learning
  • There are increased and broader focused professional learning opportunities for leadership
  • Knowledge and use of eTools is increasing and being used effectively for principal collaboration and learning
  • Principal leadership of curriculum and pedagogy challenges current paradigms
  • Change is anticipated, planned for and effectively managed by principals


How do we as principals and teachers lead the integration of e-Learning in our Schools?  This page will have links and ideas to support our growth.