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How to get Whanau to participate in e-learning

National Goal:

Schools will use e-learning to give effect to the New Zealand Curriculum / Te Marautanga o Aotearoa by increasing the capability of family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning.

Cluster Goals:

  • Connect with the wider education community, including high school and pre-school educators and other clusters
  • To build a wider community of learners beyond our classrooms and schools to include whanau

Success Indicators:

  • There is clear evidence of increased involvement of stakeholders in student learning
  • Students explore varied ways of using eLearning tools to communicate with whanau in their own learning
  • The school is using eLearning to link the school to the community and wider community to enhance learning opportunities
  • Data on the correlation between student learning and effective eLearning practice is shared regularly with whanau