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Digital Citizenship at Tahunanui

Digital Citizenship at Tahunanui

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Digitital Citizenship 2011

During this year students, staff and parents are exploring digital citizenship through:

  • academic commenting verses social commenting in Web 2.0 environments
  • revision of the school cyber safety agreement
  • turning the cyber safety/digitial citizenship agreement into a living document


Extract from Tahunanui ICT Strategic Plan 2011


National Programme Goals - Schools will use e-learning to give effect to the New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa by increasing the capability of:

1. Students to become successful digital citizens through:

  • Raising Year 4 boys achievement in reading through the use of ICTs e.g. web 2.0 tools & digital learning objects
  • Blogging: Teachers & students tracking their learning through ICTs, NZNC & key competencies through blogging.  Teachers, students and parents to develop and use ‘academic commenting’ rather than ‘social commenting’
  • Cyber Safety & Digital Citizenship – embed lessons into classroom programmes, turn e-learning home agreements into ‘living’/’owned’ documents
  • Embed ICTs in inquiry learning/integrated study – link to e-learning plan, web 2.0 and digital learning objects