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Digital Citizenship

National Goals

  • Students to become successful digital citizens


Cluster Goals

  • Promote student engagement in elearning and learning processes
  • Develop a cluster-wide awareness of the responsibilities associated in being a successful digital citizen


Success Indicators

  • Students explore varied ways of using eLearning tools to communicate their own learning
  • Students provided with greater opportunities to use eLearning and demonstrate effective use of eLearning in classrooms
  • All students are exploring which eLearning tools they can use to support their learning and justify these decisions
  • Develop a cluster-wide understanding of what a successful digital citizen looks like
  • Link this digital citizen understanding to the NZC Curriculum Vision within each school






Tony Ryan Digital Citizenship Session, Term 1 - 2011

What are the differences between digital citizenship and plain old citizenship? Do the principles for each change?

What 'coding' levels would you put to your learning principles for (digital) citizenship



Tony's Notes and Presentation:

Digital Citizenship

Ross Todd Notes