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Planning Meeting 1 - 2011 Term 1

What do you need to achieve?

Film Festival - Term 2


Invite schools from the Link Learning Cluster

Invite all schools from Whakatu Cluster

Improve the model from last year

Publicity - teachers/local/national (before and during the event)

Include teachers asap

Emotive photography - develop further

Length - 3 days

More teacher workshops in how to use techniques - after school

What’s happening right now?

Budget $10 000

Week 8 Term 2

Venue - Tahunanui School

What could you do?

Film Festival Camp

Parent involvement

Celebrity to present prizes/inspire the start of the festival - Rhys Darby!  (Skype)

Rock Our Movie - collaborative projects different groups of children each day to work on a different aspect of the movie e.g. acting, editing etc. 

Include schools across Nelson/Tasman District (Link Learning Cluster), nationally or internationally

Premiere - make a bigger focus (possibly the following night)/Run it at the State Cinema

Press - Radio/TV

Fundraising for Christchurch?

What will you do?

Parent involvement - driving to venue/use blog/wikipage

State Cinema - charge for premiere tickets

Concept:  top secret

Find school in Christchurch/work on project with/fundraise for that school

Fundraising - spilt money raised between Christchurch School & next year's film festival

Invite the a group from the school to attend film festival & the premiere

Develop depth in the learning outcomes of the films (photostory/animations/video) - for teachers and tech angels

How & when will this be done?

Next Meeting: Week 8 (Thursday 24th March) Broadgreen 3:30pm

Find cost of State Cinema - Kellie

Contact Press - Local/National/Radio - TBA

Find school Christchurch School - Kellie

Tasman School/Link Learning Cluster School - Bec

Whakatu Cluster Schools Contact - Emma (make film) for recruiting kids

Digital deeper features - Emma (collect resources)

New t-shirts - Karilyn

Legalities/donations - Renee

Sponsorships/Prizes - Dave

How will you keep it going?






Promotions/Press etc.