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Adobe Connect SILC long term vision


  • kymm Mcphail



    To provide a fully interactive online learning solution for the people of Southland. This project would initially be led by the Secondary Schools in Southland.


    To allow greater interaction between the students, parents and staff involved in Education in Southland.


    To receive and deliver online learning, professional development, mentoring, moderation of NZQA and collegial support for people in the Southland region and beyond.


    To have an online learning community that is well managed, efficient and responsive to the needs of the Southland Education Community.


    To have a financial plan that will ensure that this programme can continue and grow.


    To employ an E-Principal who will be responsible for the management, innovation and growth of this organisation.




    Specific Goals to be met by SILC


    1. Develop a website for SILC
    2. To have all secondary schools in Southland offering a subject on-line by 2009- achieved 2012.
    3. To have scholarship tutoring available for students studying scholarship in 2008- work in progress.
    4. To develop a mentoring programme for teachers.
    5. To develop a structure that will support NZQA moderation.
    6. To develop an on-line professional development programme for Southland Secondary schools which will improve teacher’s on-line delivery and student learning.
    7. To refine the management of SILC.
    8. To provide a facility and organisation for the Professional Development of teachers in Southland.
    9. To work towards having tertiary institutions offering subjects on-line for the community of Southland
    10. To work towards developing programmes for Gifted and Talented students.
Diversifying Adobe

Diversifying Adobe

A growing range of organisations are starting to engage in the benefits of using Adobe Connect in the workplace.