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Online Reflective summary 4 Ruapani Cluster

4.3                          Upload a succinct summary of your
reflections into the VLN Use the subtitles as a guide to assisting you in
writing a succinct report for uploading

Te Roopu Ruapani Cluster

Clusters Context


cluster of five rural and town schools are coming to the end of our second year
of the ICT PD contract.  We
have both mainstream and total immersion units.   Our aim is to on-share our strengths and progress together
with learning new skills.  Working
together this year has generated ideas to strengthen and build the
cluster.  With
the success of our lead teachers and on-sharing, this has shown in the skills
and ability of the children in our schools. 
To keep this successful we need to pass this on to our tamariki.  We are still able to draw on each other’s
knowledge to problem solve and brainstorm ideas to get a positive outcome. What we have learned has had a huge
impact on what the children are now learning and using the ICT tools in the




The main goals for our cluster this
year was to continue to focus on the five national goals and achieves to
develop each goal in all the schools in our cluster.  Our major focus so far is teaching students
to become digital citizens using the Tuakana - Teina Model which is based
around Cooperative learning and teaching techniques using ‘tekkie’ group


using interactive sites such as Hectors World and Net-safe, ICT user agreements
to help educate students about being more aware of becoming digital citizens.
We are using PC’s, laptops, Mac books, iPads, Interwrite boards, digital
cameras, flip cameras and camcorders to support students learning and collect
evidence from each school for the five national goals.


also access learning through video conferencing. Students have easy access to
resources being accessible online during the school day. Family are encouraged
to communicate with the school via email and to start supporting their
children's learning through the use of wikispaces, weebly and PowerPoint tools.
Some schools also have school websites that Parents and Community can access
for school information and up and coming events in each class.


overall goal of our ICT PD programme is to stay up to date with the new ICT
skills and knowledge and from that benchmark, work towards producing digital
natives and teaching them to become on-sharers in and out of the classrooms
through to the community and beyond.


did we choose this?


 We chose the Tuakana-Teina model because our
cluster is a Kura Maori based, and we practice this model naturally across all
levels of learning.  This model is
designed for everyone to work and learn as one, and on share within the cluster
circle. We will continue to focus on building strong foundations in order to
sustain effective learning and teaching through the integrated use of ICT
within our Ruapani Cluster.


did we do?


continued to focus on Digital Citizenship, and looking at creating consistent
systems of cyber safety within our cluster schools.  Internet agreements have been created in most of the five
schools and are being updated to fit alongside the new bylaws. Parents are
involved in this process.  The
next focus was on websites that have good resources and information about
digital citizenship where each teacher could implement it in their daily
classroom ICT learning.  

weekly reflections and goal setting are done every staff meeting to show the
progress of each individual during their ICT journey.




The students have been using the
digital software to promote what they are doing in their daily learning e.g.
PowerPoint presentations at assembly every Friday.  Parents seeing presentations at parent
interviews and would like this to continue throughout the contract and through
all the five schools.  The new learning
has increased student awareness about using the internet safely and they
monitor each other’s safety usage. 

Tuakana/Teina on how to enter and view different sites for research. Weebly is
a success with the students again and sharing on with Kaiako through an online


do we plan to do next?


Teachers will continue on to the end of the second year to
up skill themselves by taking part in the online PD around ICT.  Also focus on carrying this over to our third
and final year.

Children are to learn and share- on skills to others and
reflect with each other using the ICT tools such as PowerPoint's, online tools
and capturing tools.

  • To
    update ICT school policies and internet usage agreements so they fit into the
    new laws and guidelines and digital citizenship awareness.

  • Final
    Fish n Chip PD night is planned to teach on the skills from the ULEARN
    conference to all staff from the five schools in the cluster.

  • Overall
    goal of our ictpd programme is to stay up to date with the new ict skills and
    knowledge and from that benchmark, work towards producing digital natives and
    teaching them to become on-sharers in and out of the classrooms through to the
    community and beyond.