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Resources/research on BYOD

Here are some resources I've found about BYOD or 1:1 computing.  They aren't in any particular order.  Please feel free to add resources and to comment on them.  You might also want to Search 'BYOD' on the VLN and join the relevant groups.

I've also added two PDFs to the Wellington Loop resources

The effect on student achievement

7 myths about BYOD debunked

About My Cellphone

Building Owned Device Culture

OECD conference on 1:1 computing

A Study of 1:1 Computing - impact on Mathematics and Science in secondary schools

Xaverian's blog on iPad use

Research: what it says about 1:1 computing

The Microsoft Center for Digital Education guide book

A website dedicated to 1:1 computing resources

An article from the Journal of Research on Technology in Education

A look at the use of 1:1 in higher education/tertiary study

One to one computing programs only as good as their teachers

 Gary Stager has aggregated some resources too

 10 comments on 1:1 computing

1 to 1 education - initiatives from around the world

1:1 computing, promises and perils

Pitfalls to avoid, lessons learned

A literature review from Alberta, Canada

Notebooks for students

A reflection on the use of 1:1 computing in a 7th grade classroom for a year

A discussion of a definition of mobile learning

Mobile learning: small devices, big issues

A study of the effects on university students from 2008

A study of the use of wireless devices in tertiary study

A study on the use of formative assessment with mobile devices

A summary of the results of the Berkshire Wireless Initiative

A response to the criticism of 1:1 computing, January 2010

Integrating the iPod Touch






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