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How an e-learning Lead Team grew our Learning Community at MRGS

Growing our Learning Communities at MRGSimage

What was important?

Building communities of learning for staff and students at Mt Roskill Grammar School using web-based collaborative spaces to support teaching and learning.

Our Goal

What happened

To support relevant and student centred learning:

  • develop expertise in integrating E-learning into teaching practice via a Lead team of teachers
  •  increase the use of the iLearn Learning Management System



Huge GROWTH in use of iLearn LMS by teachers and students in 2011




Why did it happen and what has been the impact?

  • Increased confidence of teachers across the school integrating iLearn to support teaching and learning  (2009 – 40/150 teachers,  2011 105/150 teachers)
  • Significant improvement in the selection and design of iLearn courses and learning activities supported by the e-Lead team teachers.
  • Professional learning communities across the school are increasingly supported through access to on-line iLearn collaborative spaces (i.e. use of forums, sharing resources, teachers supporting each other)
  • Increased student participation including access to resources, engagement through a variety of learning opportunities, learning conversations with peers and teachers, opportunities for students to create in response to their learning.
    • 2009 – 900 students accessing one learning area
    • 2010 – 1200 students accessing 2 or 3 learning areas
    • 2011 – 2050 students accessing nearly every learning area

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Impact on Teachers

The e-Lead team model focuses on building the teacher capacity through teaching as inquiry and the support of departmental professional learning groups. In the following video, Katrina from the Mathematics department shares her story. 


What's Making a Difference?

"A lead team model of professional learning has created an enthusiastic culture that has spread way beyond the lead teachers. Huge gains have been made in the previous 12 months. I am so encouraged by the creativity, commitment, and opportunities to learn around me and look forward to another 12 months of exciting growth." - Sophie

What's making a difference? (video: 3:00m)

Establishing a learning environment to foster student collaboration and ownership of learning

English teacher, Fiona Burns, describes how Level 3 English students are using MyPortfolio to engage in shared learning with their peers and subject teachers.

View Fiona's Snapshot of Learning on TKI

What does it look like?

 MRGS iLearn tour

Learning Conversations at MRGS


 Who are we?

Sophie Wright, Mount Roskill Grammar School
Director of e-Learning
e-Learning Lead team facilitator
AHOD Mathematics