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Garageband workshop

Garageband workshop

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How do we learn best (supposedly)

Learning pyramid

Multiple intelligences:



But what about National Standards?



Share examples of music videos from laptop.

Soundshell, Ad, In the Hood


What can we do in Garageband?

Four chord combination in Garageband

  1. C-F-G-C (Typical Blues Patterns)
  2. C-G-Am-F (Ice Cream Chords)- Features in “Let it Be” from Beatles. Also “With or Without You” Check out the Axis of Awesome video for all the songs with this particular chord progression.
  3. C-Am-F-G (5o’s Chord Progression): Stand By Me, Every Breath You Take,
  4. C-Am-Dm-G
  5. C – Am – Dm – B dim
  6. C – Am – F – B dim
  7. C – F- G (La Bamba)
  8. F – G- C (Mr Tambourine Man)
  9. C – Dm – G
  10. C – Am
  11. C – G
  12. C – F
  13. C – Am – G

From: http://meganaiemma.edublogs.org/2011/04/06/4-chord-combinations-for-garageband-ipad-app/


With others?

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