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Moodle App

Moodle App

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The long awaited Moodle App finally hit the App Store this week with around 90 seconds of changing some admin settings (--> instructions here) Moodle 2.1 has enabled web services and added the functionality of an App! The Android one is yet to be released so I went and installed it on my Ipod and made the changes in my Moodle. The installation was easy just prompting me for web address/username/password and we are in and met with the dashboard. 


The great thing about the app is that it is not just a mobile UI for moodle it opens up the functionality of the mobile device allowing users to create and upload images, video and sound files straight from their device in to their Private Files area. In my opinion this bridges the gap between moodle and use in the learning spacewhere demonstrations of learning and multimedia can be uploaded quickly and easily with the handheld device that most user have at their disposal. It takes moodle into the classroom and can be planned in courses as part of the learning experience.
From the dashboard you can also view Participants in the courses that you are in and communicate with them with their moodle Profile Details and also add them