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Nayland Primary School

Nayland Primary School

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At Nayland we are in the process of moving towards some quite large changes. Key to these changes will be the introduction of the eCompetencies.

We are looking to develop towards a learn, guide, protect style model but feel an intermediate step will scaffold staff and whanau towards the level of understanding needed to achieve this practically.

We have taken the AUP from Netsafe which has been adapted by Emma Watts (to add web 2.0 applications) and we have added Respect Ourselves, Respect Others, Respect Our Environment components which we found on Andrew Churches website ed-origami. Our next step is to take the senior school AUA on this website and work through it with the staff -it has some modern terminology such as "I will not use electronic mediums to flame, bully, harass or stalk other people." We believe the discussion we will have over this level of understanding will enhance the staff understanding of the junior/middle AUA that we have adapted.

This is the 3 pages that make up the 2011 Acceptable User Agreement. We have made a yr0-3 copy and a yr4-6 copy but they are virtually the same. yr0-3 has the headings Look After Myself,Look After others, Look After Property and the yr4-6 has Respect Myself, Respect others, Respect Property. The reason we have done this is that the agreement requires parents to go through it with the student -meaning that we do not need to 'dumb down' the expectations.

AUA yr0-3 Nayland Primary

AUA yr4-6 Nayland Primary


We are planning to add a brochure into our enrollment pack to support our school's view of Cyber Safety.

Digital Citizenship 'Flyer' for enrollment pack