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Digital Citizenship at EGS: Revision

Over the last two weeks we have had John Parsons from Simulate2Educate working with the students, staff and parents at our school.

(From the s2e website)  Simulate 2 Educate is very pleased to be working with Enner Glynn Primary School Nelson. This is a first of its kind module designed to help young people, their families and friends reduce risk when using any form of Digital Communication Technology.

Module Name: Protecting and Valuing Identity - Primary
…an ethical approach to supporting a digital life

Here are some photos of the session and examples of what the student were doing as a result of this learning.










The above 'chatroom was a 'mock up' to show kids how easy it is to believe that you ra edealing with 'normal people' on the internet.  John asked me to pretend to be an 8 year old girl and chat in the chatroom with the students.  I did so, asked the kids some questions and followed up on what they were saying.  JOhn then asked the students to stop the chatting, and they were surprised to see that someone was still in there (me) asking where everyone had gone?  John telephoned me in front of the children and asked me if I would want to meet the children, I said yes.  When I walked over the the room I could have picked a couple of jaws off the ground!  :-)  The children were very surprised to see me and thought that they were about to meet another 8-9 year old student.  This prompted some interesting discussion and helped the students become more aware that things may not be all that they seem on the Internet.


As far as citizenship goes... OUr whole school has been exploring citizenship.  In the junior team they are exploring heroes and villians, some are looking at 'what makes great people great' and others in the senior learning team are looking at the concept that 'our responsibilites make us powerful.  We have plenty of students blogging about citizenship and what it means to them, Room 12 has some thoughts on their blog, and Room 11 also explored what 'Heroes' do, while they are exploring citizenship.  Room 9 have had a visit from the police talking about what citizenship means.  Room 6, one of our new entrant classes shared their thought about our shared 'citizenship' mural, it looks wonderful and we are pleased that so many of our learners and parents got to contribute to it.  We are using some of this learning to inform our school vision and the learner qualities we want our students to develop and explore while they attend our school.