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Reflective Summary - Morningside School - A Collegial Journey: Revision

“Every teacher is an expert at something”.

A Collegial Journey –

Professional Development at Morningside School.


Cluster:  Whangarei eLearning

School:  Morningside School

Morningside School is a decile three urban primary school.  It has almost 200 students Year 1 – 6 and 11 teachers.

Cluster Goal:  Teachers to integrate e-Learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all. 

Intention:  To ensure that all teachers received Professional Development opportunities based on their needs over the three years of the cluster contract. 


We set this intention based on the following reasons...

-      Collegiality – we were on this journey together.

-      Buy-in from all staff – all received the same opportunities.

-      Consistency across the school.

-      All staff were “pulling in the same direction”

Model Used:

The ‘Morningside’ Model...

Year One:

-      Top tier of teachers (Lead Teacher and High Flier) attended Learning @ School and ULearn conferences. 

-      Whole school focus on existing ICT in the school – the IWBs.

Teachers were up-skilled through IWB courses (held at Morningside school) and focus groups (the Whiteboard Wizards).

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Year Two:

-      Next tier of teachers given the opportunity to attend Learning @ School and ULearn conferences.

-      All teachers attended Cluster’s Vision Days and were issued a challenge.  Teachers were to choose an area that interested them and take this back to their classroom.  A term later, each teacher presented this aspect and their progress with it to the staff at a staff meeting.  All staff followed the same journey, just in different areas.  This was a shift from the year before, where all staff were developing in the same area. 

View our reflections and resources of this journey here... 

Year Three:

-      Final tier of staff attended Learning @ School or ULearn conferences.  All staff have now had the opportunity to go to one or both of these conferences.

-      Interest groups have begun this year.  Teachers are involving themselves in groups they are interested in.  Groups include Ipad/Ipod educational app sharing group – “The Appsters”;  Blogging group “The Blog Squad”; and Pinterest based ideas sharing group “Pin It”.  There has been a shift in attitude – teachers are seeking out PD and support in areas they are interested in and feel are relevant to the students in their class.   This indicates a move from “Just in Case” teaching to “Just in Time”.

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-      The shared PD established a feeling of collegiality among the staff and helped cement the idea that we were all undertaking the journey together.  Staff were able to develop their skills and become competent in an area of technology, resulting in raised confidence levels and increased usage of the IWBs across the school.

Robyn and the Laptops


-      Teachers now are not waiting for PD opportunities to come to them, they are seeking them out.

-      The pressure to integrate ICT into classroom practice is no longer apparent – ICT is becoming embedded into everyday classroom routine. 

-      Teachers are demonstrating more confidence when trying new things.

-      Teachers are sharing ideas with others and trying out things in their classroom.  Successes and failures are routinely shared with others.

Room One Term One Reflection

Room 7 Term One Reflection

-      Interest Groups have been very popular this term, with attendance based on a strictly voluntary basis.  No pressure has been exerted from management at all to attend a group, and yet almost all of the staff have attended more than one. 

Interest Groups at Morningside


-      New Staff members at the end of year 2 have had to start the journey at the beginning with the IWBs.  They have at times felt “behind” the rest of the staff when using ICT in the classroom, having not been a part of the journey from the beginning.

-      Technology – it has been difficult at times to keep the enthusiasm and momentum going when technology does not perform the way it should. 

Impact in the Classroom:

We are now into our third year of this journey.  The skill level of students has increased along with their access to a broadening range of technologies. 

The links between home and school continue to be strengthened through the class blogs.  Students are using websites and devices across many curriculum areas and they are sharing their learning with others within the school community. 

New Entrants and the Laptops

New Entrants and the Digital Cameras

Passion Time – App of the Week

Google Earth ‘Sparkler Session’

Magic Ink ‘Sparkler Session’

Where to Next?

The main focus for the ICT team in the school is to develop sustainability.  We want to ensure that the good practices evident in the school at present continue long after the cluster contract finishes.  ICT is an area that is continually changing, and this needs to be reflected in our classroom practice.