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Integrating computational thinking into other learning areas: Revision

Sometimes it can be tricky making sense of the new Digital Technologies content, learning new terminology and finding ways for this to 'fit' naturally into our curriculum. For example, some questions emerging from year 9/10 teachers include:

  • Are we expected to integrate CTDT in our specialised subjects?
  • What are we doing already that reflects computational thinking in digital technologies (CTDT) in curriculum?
  • How might we demonstrate/learn/use CTDT in specific learning areas?
  • How do we do the 'digital' part?
  • Why are we even doing this?

I recently wanted to make some gateway resources to help year 9/10 teachers think about creating opportunities in their classes to help teach/use computational thinking in their specialised learning areas, so I created a couple of simple infographics to demonstrate some cross-curricula connections.

I know Digital Technologies fit squarely in the Technology Learning area, but I also feel sometimes you have to make curriculum connections to other learning areas through authentic contexts/issues, so I've tried to create a 'conversation starter' for Health P.E and Science and Social Sciences, to show ways of making connections between curriculum areas and Computational Thinking in Digital Technologies.


I'd love your feedback - things to include, improve, other ideas? How else would you create (or have already) as a gateway resource to introduce curriculum connections?