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Goal 4: Family and whānau to actively participate in their child’s learning: Revision

4. Family and whānau to actively participate in their child’s learning

Establish productive partnerships with the wider community for reciprocal learning.


Community reflects on student work through student portals on LMS, blogs or wikis


Community engages in elearning developments through student led conferences, community meetings or professional development which includes parents and caregivers

  • Increased communication and sharing with wider community members regarding e-learning and future direction/pathways.
  • The BOTs and communities are informed and supportive of shifts in educational pedagogy and the use of e-learning.
  • Community members participate in opportunities provided by the schools to understand and use ICTs.
  • Community members contribute to learning programmes which incorporate ICTs within the schools.
  • Parents and caregiver comments on student work in online spaces
  • Evidence of cluster schools hosting community meetings on elearning topics in newsletters and notices

Tools to provide evidence will include a range of but not be limited to: Online surveys, email, newsletters, minutes, course enrolment lists, visitor book, teacher planning, acknowledgment of community members