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The Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework (MMeLPF): Revision

He aha te Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework (MMeLPF)?

  • Tool that allows school to measure their e-learning capabilities.
  •  Building the e-capability of whānau so that they become
    • Informed Consumers
    • Demanding Constituents
    • Determining Contributors
  • Supports School self-review
  • Road map
  • Driven by Curriculum/Learning needs of tamariki

Dimensions / Ngā whenu

Information about the Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework has been loaded to the 'Te Marautanga o Aotearoa PLD 2013' Group.  

Feel free to scroll through the Menu Bar to check out each of the Dimensions/Ngā whenu.

The Reo Māori version will be added soon.  Please note that these are english translations of the Reo Māori version.

A discussion post has also been created to add questions/comments here: 

The Māori Medium e-Learning Planning Framework or feel free to add below in the comment box.

The National Team Leader for Māori Medium Blended e-Learning is Kathe Tawhiwhirangi-Perry.  

Regional Māori Medium Blended e-Learning facilitators on the Te Marautanga o Aotearoa PLD team are:

Brett Cribb - Emai: brett.cribb@core-ed.org

Moana Timoko - Email: moana.timoko@core-ed.org