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7 Easy steps to join the VLN - Vimeo recordings by Karen Melhuish: Revision

7   Easy steps to join the VIRTUAL LEARNING NETWORK - VIMEO Video Recordings by Karen Melhuish

1.  Register here– www.vln.school.nz

  • The registration process may take 24 hours - Contact can be made with the VLN Help team to avoid registration delays - Please email moana.timoko@core-ed.org with any queries.

2.  Set up your professional profile - 


3.  Find, join & create useful groups



4.  Tailor your dashboard


5.  Set up/review your notifications


6.  Connect [‘friend’] - build your network


7.  Contribute.  Share.  Ask.  Reflect.  Learn.  HAVE A TUTU!!!!

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