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Reflection - Adam: Revision

Reflection - Adam

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ICT, within the classroom

  • I have used laptops and the interactive whiteboard as part of my independent group rotation programme.
  • I have had an encouraging experience with this, and have tried many different things. While I have suffered frustration at times (mainly due to technical difficulties), my overall experience has been a positive one.
  • This idea has been very successful within the classroom, as it helps to keep my students motivated on independent work as well as helping them learn.
  • Currently I have used this idea only in maths and writing, and involve websites that relate to their current learning within the classroom.
  • It took me a couple of weeks to set up and find appropriate websites for which the children could work from and teach them how to use them, but once you have put in the ground work the children are able to use this information independently.
  • I only use them as part of my rotation on one day a week, so this keeps the motivation fresh and the children don’t come to rely on the technology as a way of entertaining themselves.
  • The benefit of using these in your rotation is that you can focus on the group you are currently working with. There have only been a few cases when the students have been unable to do something and I have had to go and help.
  • Some negatives of the use of these are that sometimes technology breaks down, and that means I have to scrap the tech rotation. I am always prepared for this however and have a number of things the children can do instead. There are also times when children can stray from the task at hand, but I have found that regular monitoring of the students can help in this area.