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Papanui: Revision


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We have written an on-line course on Digital Citizenship that all students will complete. Years 9 and 10 have been timetabled into a computer lab for 5 periods in a week. One period has come from each of the core subjects. The first session for each class will be run by Mike Hart or Myself and we will ensure that all of the students can log in and we will explain how the course works. The students will then work through the rest of the course on-line. Year 11 and 12 students will complete the course as part of their study programme and six subject senior students and Year 13 students will complete the course on-line in their own time. The idea is to get all the students through the course this year and then at the start of next year to run the full course for Year 9 students early on in term 1 and run a short refresher course for all other students.

Due to the Earthquake and a slight delay in getting our new Moodle 2 site up and running this course did not start in Term 1 as planned. It will now start after Queen's birthday weekend.