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Educamp 2012: Revision

Educamp 2012

Last updated by Gina Kitchen

I was lucky to attend this year's Educamp held at St Francis Xavier School.  I had a very positive and inspiring experience.


- The wealth of ideas, resources and troubleshooting pointers was incredible.  I returned to school inspired and excited to try many new things.

- Networking with other teachers from the district and beyond.  I was able to establish a good relationship with a teacher from a local early childhood centre, which will be beneficial for both of us in the future.

- Sharing with others - I was invited to share a little about Pinterest - I was not prepared, but did not feel that was a problem at all.  The impromptu, informal nature of Educamp made it easy to get up and share "on the spot".


- I wish I had encouraged more of the staff to come along - they would have really found it beneficial.

Things to take back to the classroom and school:

- A.R. - I was shown some amazing A.R. apps!  Very exciting

- App resource blog - a school has started an amazing blog with hundreds of great apps on it - yay!

- Blogging as a way of sharing student's e-portfolios by using tags for each student.