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BeL workshop 4 October: Revision

BeL workshop 4 October

Last updated by Joy Kitt


The purpose of science to explain the world around us.  I believe that the purpose of science teaching, particularly in primary school, is to open children's eyes and minds to the world around them.  Science education encompasses a set of process (how to), a set of knowledge (I know) and a particular way of thinking (how do scientists think?).

 The Nature of Science strand's sub headings are:

"Understanding about science" (science is about asking questions and thinking in new ways),

"Investigating in Science" (finding out) ,

"Communicating in science" (explaining ideas), and

"Participating and contributing" (acting on issues).

The science matrices show us a progression of skills and attitudes that support and develop through science education. This workshop encourages capability in explaining using evidence ie. Thinking in scientific ways.

Today's task.

For more ideas try to promote  interest, discussion and questioning try "The Joy of Science".