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Kids Rewired conference 2012 | Tauranga Moana cluster event: Revision

I've been here for 2 1/2 hours already and I'm blown away. A class of year 5/6's have managed to pull off an event - that would make most adults panic at the thought of it.

Welcome to Kids Rewired 2012. This conference for kids by kids, has opened with a lively powhiri followed by an extremely talented band, GreVous (from Greerton Village School).

Powhiri Kids Rewired 2012

Check out the promo video below - written and performed by Greerton Village pupils.


The planning has been three months in the making - where one class has organised the whole event, from start to finish. Now we have two days in the Tauranga yacht club to learn about all sorts of e-learning experiences, tools and processes. Check out the workshops on offer.

Kids conference1Creative story writing

Kids conference2  Animation

Stop frame animationStop frame animation

Printing t.shirtsPrinting T.Shirts


What makes this event even more special (other than the fact that kids have 'flipped their learning'), is the fact they have worked in a blended way throughout. Students and teachers have been getting to know each other before the event - by uploading video messages and messaging via the cluster's Uspace. Cluster facilitator, Sandy Bornholdt envisions these online connections can continue througout the conference and after it is finished.

If you want to follow this event for two days, go to  


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