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  • Check & Connect

    Last updated by Hannah Hobbs
    The Components and Elements of Check & Connect Check & Connect has four main components and three main elements: Components of Check & Connect The Mentor: A person assigned to a specific student(s) who builds a strong...
  • Behaviour Chaining

    Last updated by Hannah Hobbs
    What is Behaviour Chaining? Description: A specific sequence of responses in which the completion of each response provides a cue to engage in the next response. For example, when an individual puts on a t-shirt, placement of the shirt on top...
  • How to join Virtual Meetings in Adobe Connect

    Last updated by Hannah Hobbs
      Last updated 136 days ago by Nathaniel Louwrens Before the webinar - to test your computer settings Participating in the webinar (during) - including logging in, setting up sound & ways to participate After...