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  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Hi Michelle, It looks like you are posting in response to some questions in one of the groups you belong to. If you are then go into the group, click on the thread heading (which is hyperlink and will open the thread). Once in scroll to the bottom of the page, put your comment/reply in the reply box and press the Reply button to post it. I hope that helps.

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Hi Michelle, I see you've made a couple of posts to the wire, but I'm not sure you realise the wire only allows 140 characters so only the very beginning of your posts show. It would be great if you wanted to post your comments in a thread. You could do this in one of the communities e.g. the Leadership community [/groups/profile/53306/e-learning-leadership].
    Let me know if you need any help. :)

  • Roger Sommerville

    Hi Michelle,
    Getting the inquiry processes moving is very time hungry but well worth the effort.

    You need to download the Term One School Contexts Module (this is directly below the Multifaceted role of the Principal - in the left hand menu box in Term One School Contexts).
    Note it is a document with numerous links to places where there are resources/readings/MOE instructions etc - you work through this guided learning in your own time and in your own way - this is like a self-managing principal would.
    I suggest you think of a 70% to 30% split of your learning time between the learning using the file and the learning you experience from the online discussions which are found inside the Term One School Contexts group.

    I would suggest you set up a digital storage system for this Module - to file the file you download and the tracker spreadsheet as well as any other sources, notes, copies of your posts, copies of other peoples posts that appeal to you etc - this then becomes a reference you can refer back to later in the year or next year.
    Aim to refind and re-use resources rather than remember everything.

    I hope this is helpful - Roger S

  • Michelle Morriss

    Its great to be finally signed up. I hope this is all working!

Michelle Morriss

I have two great sons at Otago University, a lovely cat and two fantastic sisters.