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Mary-Anne Murphy's message board

  • Catriona Pene

    wahoo friends!! haha : )

  • Catriona Pene

    Happy New Year gorgeous!! How are you?

  • Karen Spencer

    A bouquet ... Awesome facilitation of the thread on capturing progress:-)

  • Mary-Anne Murphy

    Hello All. Many thanks for your warm welcomes. I have been exploring the depths of my new position over the past weeks, which has also included being a silent participant in the the VLN groups.... not for long ;)

  • Nick Ford

    Hi Mary-Anne and welcome to the VLN MLE group ;-) I invite you to share your MLE experiences with the rest of the group through the MLE blog and/or discussion forum. If you are a Moodle user you may wish to join the VLN Moodle user group which can be found at /pg/groups/123482/moodle/

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    You might find it really useful to subscribe to the weekly round up RSS feed [/pg/blog/owner/group:118255] to keep up with new activity across the Enabling e-Learning community.

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Welcome Mary-Anne, great to meet up with you at the BeL hui :)

  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Mary-Anne, so good to see you in here and welcome to the ICT PD and Enabling e-Learning groups in the VLN. It was great connecting with you again yesterday in the BeL hui in Tauranga.

    I'd like to invite you to also pop into the sub-communities, too, to browse current discussions in the specialised groups [/pg/groups/118255/enabling-elearning/] and hope you enjoy the weekly e-learning round-up on the blog [/pg/blog/owner/group:118255].

    You can also get to know about this space (setting up profiles, RSS feeds etc) by going to /pg/groups/25604/getting-started-on-the-vln/ and then you might like to share one or two professional details on your profile to help us connect skills and interests more easily.

    Feel free to drop me a line whenever. Hope to catch up again soon. Tess☺

  • Allanah King

    Welcome to the team. Hope you find it useful.