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Laura Collins's message board

  • Moana Timoko

    Kia ora Laura - Janelle has made me a moderator for the Ako-e group as I may be attending the course in July to introduce kaiako to this space. Thought I'd introduce myself to you first as you are the owner of the group. We are wanting to pre-load some info before the hui...but I'll wait to hear from you. I hope you get a notification to your email about this message...otherwise I'll attempt to track you down via my connections lol.
    Ngā mihi

  • Leesa

    Hi Laura, I am just looking back for some information/presentation from one of the workshops I attended. Just wondering if you area able to access and post the presentation from Doris Nicholson Kindergarten that was on Thursday 2nd May in the morning. It was in regards to 'children leading their learning' but it was there approach to and display of the philosophy tree that I would like to know more about. Thank you :-) Leesa Reeves

  • Lorraine

    Can I have an email address to send these to please

  • Lorraine

    Hi Laura, I have some uneditted shots of some of our dances from last week. I could email these to you ??

  • Tenoka

    Reflections please Whaea

  • Tenoka

    Kia ora Whaea could I get the access code for entering

  • Julie Findlay

    Thank you for fixing page 8 of Hine's resource. Julie

  • Shirley Scott

    Hi Laura
    We are wanting to do some PL at school around Dr Kate Thornton's presentation at conference (From teaching to mentoring - what needs to change?). She promised my DP that there would be an electronic copy posted on VLN, but so far no sign. Would it be possible to add it to the resources please.
    Shirley Scott

  • MrsVanderwoude

    Hi Laura. I finally found the correct group for Primary Science Conference but still can't select workshops. Need help. N

  • Deborah Jessop

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your help this morning.
    I got as far as group invitations and then nothing please help

  • Leateachea Biddle

    Hi Laura, unable to find the mentoring-way forward to select workshops.need help please thanks

  • MrsVanderwoude

    Hi Laura, having trouble with the group invite as well so still unable to choose workshops yet. Need help please and thanks.

  • OliviaG

    Hi Laura, having trouble with my group invite too. Have not been able to choose my workshops yet. Can you please advise?

  • HBoniface

    Hi Laura, I am not seeing the Mentoring- The Way Forward group, under group invitations. Are you able to fix this please Thanks Heidi boniface

  • Karen P

    Hi Laura, I am stuck I can't seem to find the correct group to join for the Primary Science Conference in Auckland. Can you please help me? I didn't receive an invitation. Thanks

  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Laura, I'm enjoying your avatar - it lights up my dashboard! Tess :-)

  • Catriona Pene

    Hey again Laura, as the common link that seem to bind all these science focussed new members together, I thought you might like to point them in the direction of some of the science groups on the VLN.

    Here are the links to some of the science groups on the VLN.



    Please let me know if I have got the focus wrong completely or if I can help you in any other way.

    : ) Catriona

  • Catriona Pene

    Kia ora Laura and welcome to the VLN.

    I see you have not joined any groups yet, maybe I could suggest some to help you get the most out of the VLN.

    You might like to join the Getting Started on the VLN group, where we have videos to help you navigate the site.

    If e learning is your passion, you might also like to join the Enabling e-Learning group for all the latest discussion and sharing around e learning.

    Each fortnight we put together the round up of all the best that is happening on the site. You can read the latest one here.

    Looking forward to working with you online.

    Ngā mihi nui, nā Catriona.

  • Rachel Whalley

    Hi Laura welcome to the VLN groups site, give me a shout when you need a hand with anything :-)