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Karen Mills's message board

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi Karen, I've been thinking about some of your teachers and how they might be keen to share how they're using iPads in education in our current thread @ /discussion/view/695568

    Maybe Tauranga Primary or yourself even? I'm certain others would also love to hear more about your experiences with Ipads. Tess :-)

  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Karen, just want to quickly acknowledge your contributions to discussions and conversations in the VLN/eLearning groups over the past several months. Your inspirational tale of virtual dragons has people sitting up and thinking more about augmented reality.

    We’d like to 'thank you' by nominating you as an acitve community member [http://bit.ly/NgjFG6] in this week's e-Learning round-up. You are most welcome to download and add an Enabling e-Learning badge [/pg/groupcms/view/231460/] to your profile.

    Thanks again for your input into this growing community. Others can really benefit from what you have shared. Tess ☺

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Kia ora Karen - great to have your expertise in the Enabling e-Learning community! Love the green monster btw.
    Now that you're in here I'd like to invite you to add one idea in this thread in the Teaching groups: How might you use a blog to share learning [/mod/threaded_forums/topicposts.php?topic=495640&group_guid=53307&post_view=new]
    Ngā mihi nui na Jane

  • Tessa Gray

    Hey how's it going Karen? I enjoyed your input into the 30 day teacher challenge.

    Now...I'm wondering... if you were a principal for a day, what would you and the BOT expect a new appointee's skills/knowledge for e-learning to look like? What's the bare minimum you reckon? Do you have some thoughts to add to the 30 day challenge @ http://bit.ly/vpfGr7 ??

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Thanks for being up for the Enabling e-Learning: Teaching Challenge, Karen (from Karen!)

  • Rochelle

    Sorry 23 days late replying to your question but 'yes' all good for TOD day

  • Heath sawyer

    Good stuff Karen, will be sure to keep an eye out for your ULearn presentation.

  • Tessa Gray

    Ok, try both links now, and let me know how you get on? http://fizurl.com/summary2 http://fizurl.com/summary1

  • Tessa Gray

    Hmmm, for both summaries? This one should be public, http://fizurl.com/summary2 just make sure you're logged in. I'll double check on http://fizurl.com/summary1...I think it may need tweaking. Oh dear, but thanks again Karen, I need all of this feedback :)

  • Paula Jamieson

    Your new theme looks stunning, well done you!

  • Paula Jamieson

    Good on you, a change is as good as a holiday they say eh! I love the 'blurry' effect around the photos.

  • Paula Jamieson

    You changed your background! I loved the Island photo on the background....and the cool thingy with your name. Didn't you like it?