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John Phelps's message board

  • DC

    Hive of activity here this morning - getting many things onto the VLN that should address our end of the Milestone reporting. feedback appreciated. Now for the budget - mmmmmmmmm!

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Kia ora and welcome to Enabling e-Learning, John. It would be great if you could share you expertise in one of the threads running in our groups. Can you add a thought on what it is like for you to lead e-learning PD here?:/mod/threaded_forums/topicposts.php?topic=105728&group_guid=53311
    You can also subscribe to our blog for the week's round-up /pg/blog/owner/group:118255.
    Looking forward to working with you. Ngā mihi nui, nā Karen.

  • SBicknell

    Hi John! My account has been fixed thanks to Glen and Hayden!

  • Liz Fitzsimons

    At least I have something to blame at the moment. Have a great trip. We'll expect to see you relaxed and tanned.

  • John Phelps

    Hi Toni read that. sOff to Fiji today for some R&R. hence not at the meeting. R u going to ULEARN

  • Toni Twiss

    we still haven't caught up :) Must do soon!!! Based in Tauranga these days!

  • sansam

    where are you?

  • Leah Breeds

    Aren't you supposed to be leaving the country for far off places today?

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Kia ora and welcome to the e-Learning: Leadership group, John. Your experience and expertise will be valuable - I hope our growing community can support your learning, too.

    You might also be keen to look at the other e-Learning groups [/pg/profile/Enabling.eLearning] - and subscribe to our weekly e-learning round-up [/pg/blog/owner/Enabling.eLearning/] :-)

    Looking forward to working with you. Ngā mihi nui, nā Karen.

  • Crystal Hewett

    Hi John, I have posted a couple of new resources, including my parent workshop reflection. Could you have a look and see if this is all ok...happy to change it! Thanks.

  • Angela Kerr

    Hi John - looking forward to next conference!!!
    angela kerr

  • Theresa Bosch

    Hi John,
    Yes 8 are going... 4 from Baradene and 4 from St Peters. They are all very excited.
    I'm just worried that the next one is in the first week when teachers return next year... we can't have any staff away then.....

  • Richard Gillespie

    Thanks John,
    I have sent an email out to the teachers at tis to let them know that the group is back, let the requests for membership flow!

  • Richard Gillespie

    Afternoon John,

    I am currently trying to find our Taradale Intermediate Group. It doesn't appear on your group members list. I have also searched in the tag ‘taradale’ and can only get the digital days group. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Robyn

    Hi John
    Yes has appeared to work. Might have jsut unjoined the digital daze cluster - child just leant on my keyboard and I think it has gone. Are you able to rejoin me please if SHE has.

  • Robyn

    Hi John
    Greg and I are looking at the VLN and having trouble finding the cluster sub pages - can you point us in the right direction please. We can't see the Taradale Int page. Greg can access/see. How will this work with all staff as they sign in? Can you contact Greg and let him know.

  • Damien Hollands

    hey John,

    Slowly getting there, just edited Martin. The digital Advisors are all making interactive whiteboard pens starting monday. Next big step is getting the staff to observe another using digi tec in the class.

  • Toni Twiss

    Hi John
    Away until Weds next week - love to catch up next time. I am based at the university so not far from St Pauls

  • John Phelps

    Hi Toni
    I am driving down from Auckland on Tuesday arrive about 7:00. Will work at St Pauls on Wed finish 3:30 ish. After that it is every two weeks. Got a funny feeling you paid last time !!!!!

  • Toni Twiss

    Hi John!!! When are you next coming through my part of the world. Make sure you get in touch my be my turn to get the coffee