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Barbara Reid's message board

  • Warren Grieve

    Hi Barbara. Welcome to the Digital Technologies group on VLN. Keen to have your ideas and thoughts added. Start discussions, ask to added as a contributor to resources I have posted. Keep each other up to date with news that you hear about to do with this area. Let’s use our contacts to keep everyone up to speed with Digital Technologies as it develops in N.Z. Dive into discussion we would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Tessa Gray

    Congratulations agent Barbara, your mission has been accomplished, and you have successfully voted in today's poll.

    You can now download the 'Day 5 CHALLENGE WINNER' community badge (different from other days) and add this to your profile as well. http://bit.ly/1zYahxQ

    We all have queries areas of expertise to share. Starting or responding to threads helps populate conversations and keep our social network alive. Today you helped accomplish this mission.

    Thank you for participating in Enabling e-Learning's 5 Day Challenge.

    P.S Did you like the Powtoon?

    Have a great weekend!



  • Tessa Gray

    Congratulations again Barbara, you have successfully voted in today's poll. WOOHOO!!

    You know what to do... download 'Day 4 CHALLENGE WINNER' community badge (different from other days) and add this to your profile as well.http://bit.ly/1sx8I6q

    Making friends in the VLN allows you to see when they post in the VLN. Notifications will come to your inbox, especially if you go >>> SETTINGS (top right hand corner) >>>NOTIFICATIONS >>> click on ALL FRIENDS for email notifications >>> click SAVE (at the bottom).

    Thanks for getting involved. One more day to go!


  • Hēmi Waerea

    Kia ora Barbara. Kua roa te wā! Its been a while.

  • Tessa Gray

    Nice one Barbara! You've successfully voted again today, so feel free to download the 'Day 3 CHALLENGE WINNER' community badge (different from other days) and add this to your profile as well. http://bit.ly/1srSCLk

    These badges might need resizing on your page, so if you need a hand, just sing out.

    The LIKE or thumbs up feature of the VLN really helps to profile posts people are reading, but not necessarily responding to. Do you like the LIKE?

    Look out for tomorrow's 5 Day challenge, only two to go!


  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Barbara you have successfully voted in today's 5 Day Challenge. You are officially a CHALLENGE WINNER! Woohoo! We're very pleased to announce we have a challenge prize for you.

    Feel free to download the 'CHALLENGE WINNER' community badge and add this to your profile./mod/file/thumbnail.php?file_guid=690180&size=large

    Congratulations and looking forward to seeing more of you online.

    P.S: Loving the profile page, complete with banner theme too!

    Ngā mihi nui, nā Tessa.

  • Allanah King

    Tēnā koe Kelvin,

    Welcome to the Surface Tablet group on the VLN.

    There are lots of great resources to be found here particularly in the discussions and bookmarks.

    Please have a good look around and join in the discussions.



  • Marnel van der Spuy

    Hi Barbs! Thank you for joining the Connected Rotorua Teachers group. Please feel free to use resources, share your questions and experiences in discussions. Cheers Annemarie and Marnel :-)

  • Marnel van der Spuy

    Hi Barbs. Welcome to the New Entrant & Year 1 Modern Learning Environments group. Please feel free to share your questions and experiences in discussions.

  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Barbara, thank you for joining the Central North | Leading Effective e-Learning group. It is envisioned that this group will become a central hub for a community of like-minded educators - focused on growing e-learning leadership, to impact change for our priority learners.

    You might like to take a few moments to introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, share a photo or perhaps your mihi in this thread [/discussion/view/827581]. This is a great way to establish and connect a community online, so we'd love to hear from you. Ngā mihi nui, Tess :-)

  • BecPower

    Hi Barb! Welcome to the Collaboration: Connect, Learn, Participate and Create Group! Please spread the good word so we have other fabulous folks to collaborate with ;)
    I might have a few punters keen on the Quadblog - would you be happy to do a quick cross post onto the new collaboration group about the Quadblogging Aotearoa?

  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy

    Hi Barb

    I see Lesa has joined Quad bloggers - she is keen on the Y3 group ..I forgot to mention the google registration form lol. The new entrant teacher is not ready yet to enter into quad blogging:)

  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy

    Hi Barb
    I may have two other teachers keen to quadblog..a Y0-Y1 teacher and a Y2-Y3...both have blogs at the moment and will be keen to share...I have a hui tomorrow so let me know if they can still join?

  • Steph Kitto

    Hi Barbara
    I am just about to start a class blog with my year 1 / 2 class in term 3 and would love to be part of a quadblogging group if possible. I have filled out the form, is there anything else I need to do?

  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy

    Hi Barb -it's been a while LOL. I'm keen to join quad blogging with my class of Y5-Y6 students for Term 3. Let me know:)

  • Miel

    Hi Barbara, Thanks for your message. I will get onto adding my class details soon :-) Have a great day in Hawkes Bay tomorrow!

  • Robyn Wood

    Hi Barbara
    Thanks for the welcome message. Unfortunately I am unable to sign up for quadblogging as I don't have a class this year, however I logged in because I wanted to see what it was about and I have now referred my team members to it - so hopefully some of them will sign up in the next day or so. Cheers Robyn

  • Marnel van der Spuy

    Hi Barbs Thank you for welcome message to the Quadblogging Aotearoa Group. Will definitely fill in the google form with my details to take part. I've RT your post about #quadbloggingaotearoa.
    See you Saturday! :-)

  • Marnel van der Spuy

    What a great inisiative in starting the Quadbloggers Aotearoa Group. All the best!

  • Robyn Bennett

    Hi Barbara I am keen to sign up my class but the form is asking to put hyperlink to my VLN profile. How do I do that?

  • Monika Kern

    Hi Barbara, thanks so much for setting up Qadblogging Aotearoa!!! Monika

  • Anaru White

    Kia ora Barbara
    Nau mai ki te rōpū Blended e-Learning for Māori and Pasifika Learners.
    Ngā mihi

  • Catriona Pene

    Here's the blog post link : ) /blog/view/718793/padcampakl

  • Catriona Pene

    Great to see you at padcampakl : ) join in the conversation and share what you learnt.

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi again Barbara, I've been thinking about our current thread on iPads in Education @ /discussion/view/695568 and thought about you and the schools you work with in the Waikato.

    I know you are passionate about iPads and I'm wondering if you or your teachers might like to share some experiences in this current forum? Smiles, Tess :-)

Barbara Reid

Education Consultant / MoE Accredited Facilitator, Future Focused Learning Associates,  Teacher, Google for Education Certified Trainer / Google for Education Certified Innovator, Associate Consultant Cognition Education