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ari_mutukaroa's message board

  • Sharyn

    Hi Ariana
    I still need someone to invite me into the group, please.

  • Brenda Crozier

    Kia ora Ari

    This is to remind you that as manager of the Mutukaroa section of the VLN I am here to support you and help you get the most out of the Mutukaroa group section of the VLN.

    If you're not sure where to go, have got a bit stuck, require assistance, or you want help to assist others either let me know.

    Use the discussion forum to ask your questions and read and answer the questions of others.

    To contribute to the discussion forum click on 'Group Discussion', then add a topic.

    Or email: brenda.crozier@core-ed.ac.nz

  • Gemma Harris

    Oh and yes will get onto Avatar, hate photos though ha ha

  • Gemma Harris

    Makes total sense! Hope everything is well with you. I had my first meetings yesterday, they went well.

  • Noeleen Fox-Matamua

    Happy New Year Miss Ari, great avatar pic!!