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Nick Ford's message board

  • Marguerite Clubb

    Hi Nick,
    Just starting...such a huge world out there! Folk must select important stuff or else they would be on 24/7!!
    MLE is topical for me at the mo.

  • Sue Lewis

    Hi Nick, just welcoming you as a friend. However, I feel so overwhelmed just reading about your ICT skills. I am definitely on the early pages of this. Sue

  • Gerard Macmanus

    Under the Moodle Group, can we advertise the Ministry of Education NZ funded moodle installation available at www.moodleinschools.org.nz this will help the community with resources that will end up being shared through the NZ moodle hub.

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Hi Nick, I've just checked with Annemarie if we can put her question about facebook into a thread. do you want to add your response to the thread? /mod/threaded_forums/topicposts.php?topic=479307&group_guid=53307

  • Tamara Yuill Proctor

    Stac is in the process of getting Moodle up and running. We have PLG's (personal learning groups) and I am working with some other staff with Moodle. We are conducting some action research on various areas. I am interested in the use of Quizzes and tracking of data that Moodle can do. It seems like a good tool for the closed question in English and students could complete activities in here rather than workbooks. Plus it we could track who used it, when, what there results are etc. I would be interested to hear of any teachers that have created quizzes and it would be great to build up an exchange of quizzes that could be shared with teachers around NZ - not sure the possibility of this?

  • Hazel Owen

    Hi Nick. Feel free to move the post. Understand what you are saying that it is a more general discussion that is relevant to a wide range of circumstances and technologies :-) I guess I felt that as many school are using Moodle the Moodle forum was a good place to start;-) Cheers. Hazel

  • Tony Greer

    Thanks for your insight into my SNUP post Nick! Will certainly take your expertise on board - it's never a simple yes/no problem!! Cheers. TG

  • wendy Bevan

    Hi Nick. More than happy to add you as a friend.

  • Mary-Anne Murphy

    Hello Nick. Many thanks for your warm welcome. I have been exploring the depths of my new position over the past weeks, which has also included being a silent participant in the the VLN groups.... not for long ;)

  • Anaru White

    Kia ora Nick, see you tomorrow.

  • Jenny She

    Hi, Nick! Sorry for the late reply! Yay--acting is just so fun!

  • Gerard Macmanus

    Have written up and passed through to watchdog who have have gone through what I have written to make sure all notes are correct. /pg/blog/read/212799/moodle-in-schools-reference-group-christchurch-meeting

  • Mary-Anne Tamati

    Kia ora Nick...welcome aboard..unfortunately I have been inactive this term and part of last term...lol

  • Sue Sugizaki

    hi from not-chilly-this-yr sweden!

  • Joanne Higgins

    Hi NIck,
    I'm looking forward to seeing how networking via VLN can help invigorate my classroom. Science is one of my favourite subjects to 'teach' and I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.

  • Karen Spencer

    Great idea to bring the Moodle stuff into Technology:-) And thanks for the banners too - they look great! Karen PS You must be the most well connected person here - very impressed!

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Loved your post on blogging, Nick - it would be fab if you could share good stuff like that in Enabling e-Learning:Teaching, too - lots of keen bloggers (and bloggers-to-be there). Love ya work!

  • Tracy Olorenshaw

    Sounds very interesting, to me it sounds hard to measure - but sure you got that sussed. All the best. Have you had your ethics approved ? and on your way with the study ?

  • Gerard Macmanus

    Just not too sure how to go about it?

  • Gerard Macmanus

    I am struggling, should this not be a thread under elearning - techologies... rather than being a separate group? I saw a call go out that there maybe too many groups being created that could fit under other existing groups.

  • Tracy Olorenshaw

    reluctant writers, not reluctant writing
    - oopps

  • Tracy Olorenshaw

    Hiya, My thesis is Motivating reluctant writing through digital technology: Writing in the sky.
    I have carried out the research and in process of writing up. Action research, based on a need that has arisen which i observed through my role as Resource Teacher: Literacy. Was hoping 12 weeks was enough to write it up - it's not ! Been working and reading, ethic application etc for over a year now. As you can imagine a lot of the need is with boys in particular and my researach has been with a small group of mostly boys and mostly Maori students - in Years 5&6. I have been working with some students who have previously refused to write in their classes - so lot so change seen. A big focus has been how can the digital tech assist in meeting the curriculum goals of literacy, yet connect the out of school with in school. Lots of people do lots of things in tech and literacy, it is tying it all together, yet still being aware that pedagogy needs to change with technology, it's not a matter of doing the same just with different tools. What are you doing ?

  • David McLeod

    Kia ora Nick, thanks for the friend request... na mihi

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Welcome to the e-learning: Leadership team, Nick:-)

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Kia ora and welcome to the e-Learning: Professional Learning and framework groups, Nick. Your experience and expertise will be valuable - I hope our growing community can support your learning, too.

    You might also be keen to look at the other e-Learning groups [/pg/profile/Enabling.eLearning] - and subscribe to our weekly e-learning round-up [/pg/blog/owner/Enabling.eLearning/] :-)

    Looking forward to working with you. Ngā mihi nui, nā Karen.