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Enabling e-Learning's message board

  • Rachel Whalley

    Hiya can you add the VPLD Hot seat recordings page to your recorded webinars page /groupcms/view/53208/recordings-and-blogs
    Thanks :-)

  • Diane Henderson

    Thanks Karen, I am sure we will!

  • Tony Greer

    Hi Karen - yep, feel free to share my SNUP comment! Any advice welcomed. Thanks!

  • chrissy

    Hi karen, thanks for that, i thought you put it on the dashboard comment box. will do in future

  • chrissy

    Hi karen, thanks for that, i thought you put it on the dashboard comment box. will do in future

  • Saira Boyle

    Thank you for the warm welcome and I have changed some of my settings so hopefully you have access to the information you wanted.

  • Sam Cunnane

    Thanks for the welcome. I am (rather reluctantly!) moving back into work mode!

  • Alice Irvine

    Hi, absolutley - please share my question, I was trying to work out the best place for it!

  • Gerard Macmanus

    no worries, I hope the reply post gives you some insight into my development as a blogger.

  • Gerard Macmanus

    finally had the guts to finish writing something and post it

  • Gerard Macmanus

    currently at a two day Computer science conference, will look at getting something sorted soon.

  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy

    Hi Karen. Thanks for the links re: schools using FB and Twitter to encourage community engagement. I had a skype chat with Lisa from Willowbank School in Auckland and have certainly searched the VLN for others. With only one week left of school I think I will post this question again in the New Year:)

  • Matthew Cooke

    Does anybody have any advice or experience with storage of devices 0 ipads, ipods, laptops, etc. We have been thinking about some sort of lockable cabinet in the classrooms. Thoughts anyone?

  • Claire

    For the first time next year, my school has attached a management unit to leading pedagogical change with a special emphasis on e-learning. Wondering if anyone in this group has suggestions, ideas or does something similar?

  • Gerard Macmanus

    great to hear that I wasn't going mad with the link... looking forward to the badges

  • Gerard Macmanus

    the link doesnt work, throws back to the hompage and replying to the message end up with a message, user not found Karen Melhuish created a new photo album: Badges for Community Members

    These badges can be downloaded/shared on Enabling e-Learning community members' profiles, where appropriate, as recognition of their contribution to their e-learning community.

    Download the file and upload to your profile page/blog


  • Bruce Henderson

    Hi Karen

    Finally got around to doing my profile!

  • Fiona Robertson

    Hi it is great to be a member of e-learning. It is interesting seeing what others are up to.

  • dave beehre

    Glad to be onboard, Karen, looking forward to adding my 2 cents worth and being inspired by others:)

  • Gerard Macmanus

    No, I didnt realise that I was the elearning member of the week 25th October. Its rather a surprise. A badge would be rather cool, but add some others that can go in people profiles, based on number of posts, logins?

  • Katie Graham

    hi karen, thanks for the warm welcome :) looking forward to learning here x

  • Annemarie Hyde

    Tessa bullied me into starting it off! :-)

  • Nick Ford

    p.s I have spoken to Hayden about th technical aspect of moving the group & this is "doable"

  • Nick Ford

    Thanks Karen. As a related aside I have sent Ross A an email about moving the Moodle group i created into eel technologies as a sub-group. Ross directed me to keep the Moodle group out of the eel tech group but a critical mass & activity around Moodle is building so time to bring the Moodle group "into the fold".

  • janedanielson

    Thanks for the invite Karen, look forward to learning with you all