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  • Enabling e-Learning

    Good to see you in our Enabling e-Learning groups, Andrea - and the parent group is useful for our weekly digest, too [/pg/groups/118255/enabling-elearning/] ....and you can find us on Twitter and Facebook:-) We're everywhere!;-) Have a great Xmas. Karen

  • Chrissie Butler

    Hey, and you've jumped in Videos for PD too. Great.

  • Chrissie Butler

    Welcome Andrea to the Universal Design for Learning group. Will kick some discussions off in the new year. Have great break :-)

  • Allanah King

    Welcome to the iPad group- hope you find the links, bookmarks and discussion of use to you.

  • Andrea

    well have started making the schools pages for evidence to be posted.... but have put them in wrong order, did not realise I should have built from last to first

  • Andrea

    Thank you for you help. Am still finding the site a little frustrating, probably due to being a person who never reads instructions and pokes at things first. Have managed to start a discussion and set up my class page though in the aoraki cluster group

  • Tessa Gray

    Just let me know what you're thinking...

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi Andrea, good to hear from you. I was going to post this earlier, but Elgg had a hiccup. In terms of your question...I guess this is much like the process that has come before - when clusters reported in the word doc for the milestone. EG What has happened, evidence of this, key understandings as well as next steps. In the previous reports clusters may have surveyed their participants or archived the work in cluster websites, wikis or blogs.

    The purposes of the summary in the VLN is to publish a bite-sized user-friendly window into what you have been doing - for others to share. The main thing to remember, is to write for your peers. The summary needs to be detailed enough to entice the reader in but also succinct enough to read online. Linking out to more material will help in this instance.

    So my questions would be, how do you collect evidence (media, responses, examples) already? Where would you normally ‘house’ this? If it is already online, then you would merely want to link to these under some headings similar to what has been bullet-pointed under 3.3 or 5.3 of the milestone.

    More support for writing the summary, as well as video instructions, mock-up examples, considerations when publishing online and more importantly, what to tag can be found @ /pg/groupcms/view/44787

    Does this help a little?
    Talk soon,

  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Andrea, I'd just like to say welcome and I'm here to help as the Blended e-learning online facilitator. I see you've already joined the ICT PD Online group, so no doubt you are well up to speed with things.

    If you did want to know more about this space (setting up your dashboard, finding friends and joining groups) go to /pg/groups/25604/getting-started-on-the-vln/

    Look forward to chatting again soon. Tess:)