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Allanah King's message board

  • Paula Jamieson

    Nice description of yourself

  • Lyn Ross

    Hi Allanah,
    Can you send me the link you shared recently - it was for an Aussie iPads in education booklet. Thanks

  • angie

    Thanks Allanah-it was a good day. Very informative as usual. Put my photo on now but is there any way I can change my name so it doesn't come up with my full name? Couldn't find anywhere to change it.

  • Dan Haynes

    Awesome. Two friends.... and I was staring at Mieke (as she sat beside me) to make sure she friended me. :)

  • Karen Spencer

    The summary looks exciting and readable:-) I'm sure your facilitator/Tessa will also provide feedback, too. Well done!

  • Karen Spencer

    Can I help? Sounds like uploading summaries has been trickier than it should be? :-(

  • Toni Twiss

    hey allanah
    had a great time with you in Sydney - wondering if we could do a wee combined reflection here on the VLN to share with others - not sure what this might look like tho?

  • Barbara Reid

    Thank you. :-)

  • Andrew

    A spare minute. Never seem to have one of them myself. Dishes and ironing and tidy up still staring me in the face, at least boys are in bed with some homework done. Maybe time for a sitdown and cup of tea with Mary before we both get 'back to it'. :-)

  • Andrew

    Hi Allanah, still haven't gotten around to meeting up and sharing iPad apps. Guess you've seen Craig's interview about them in "Interface"?

  • Karen Spencer

    Hi Allanah, Are you still getting a white screen at /pg/groups/435/regional-ict-pd-clusters/? Looks ok on Chrome to me:-)

  • Allanah King

    Yay the edublog now feed in to the VLN. What's next?

  • Allanah King

    And now to get my external blog feed to work.