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Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

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A place to discuss secondary digital technologies.

Focusing on NCEA level 1 as they are the new standards, trialed in 2017, released this year - 2018, and replacing the old in 2019.

If you are part of the Mobilize DTTA forum you will know there are countless questions about the standards and just as many interpretations.  I ran the recent Wellington NCEA level 1 Workshop so feel like I am in a position to offer advice and guidance, I've also taught DT/Computing/ICT (whatever you want to call us) since 2003 where I trained in the UK system.

My own understanding - I understand the majority of the standards, whats missing for me is the "how", possibly even the "what" and by that I mean,  what is supposed to be taught and what are we supposed to teach it with and what is the expected outcome - therein lies all the issues and questions in the Mobilize forums.  (Example. AS1.3 Digital Media outcome to manage data: teachers are delivering anything from Access, PHP/SQL, Excel + Illustrator, HTML/CSS to name but a few).

Come and chat, let's see if we can generate some rich conversations and resources.


Brief description: NCEA Level 1 Digital technologies


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