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Collaborative Long Term Planning

Collaborative Long Term Planning

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kia ora, over the past years our school has been using ATLAS as our school wide planning.  It has its advantageous (we are all on the same understanding, it has 'drop-boxes' for the AO/Key comp etc so you don't have to keep writing them in) and disadvantageous (it is not truly collaborative and it is not user friendly).  I am really keen to find out how other schools plan - a group of us are really keen to work on something in google docs or sheets - but we know it would take a long time putting in all the NZC 'stuff'.  We did try IUgo last year, and although it is a more collaborative piece of software you have to constantly refresh the pages to keep it live.  We do all our weekly and daily planning on docs/sheets which works brilliantly.  Any suggestion of a piece of software already created?

Brief description: Long term planning on docs/sheets

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