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Year 7 & 8 Collaboration

Year 7 & 8 Collaboration

Owner: MissSimpson6 .

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We're looking to collaborate and connect with other Year 7/8 classes around the country. Really open to how this could work - through blogger, sharing writing, twitter, skype - whatever. I teach at Halcombe School, in the mighty Manawatu, so just looking to extend our audience a bit. I've looked into quad blogging and kidsedchatnz but was looking for something more flexible. Please email me if you're keen: dsimpson@halcombe.school.nz

Here is the link to our blog, if you want to check out what we're about: http://room6halcombeschool.blogspot.co.nz/

Brief description: Any Year 7 & 8 classes out there looking to collaborate/connect?