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Daily 3 Maths

Daily 3 Maths

Owner: Robyn Shore

Group members: 17


I want  this group to encourage each other and help us to implement the Daily 3 Maths in our classes.

Daily 3 Maths is based on the 2 Sisters Daily Café by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser framework for structuring math time so our students can develop mathematical proficiency and an understanding of mathematical concepts while developing self management skills.

In New Zealand we need to incorporate the numeracy project knowledge and strategy strands as well as enable out students to reach the requirements for the National Standards, so the way we implement the Daily 3 may have to be adapted to meet our needs.

That's what we can find out with help, support and ideas with in this group.

To start us off I have included the link to the 2 Sisters subscription website that does has some free information.


Brief description: Daily 3 Maths based on 2 Sisters Framework