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Vocational Pathways Refinement

Vocational Pathways Refinement

Owner: Amanda OConnell

Group members: 2


Project objectives:

1. To improve the six Vocational Pathways so that increasingly coherent, consistent, balanced assessment opportunities (with manageable progression) are available for learners across all six Vocational Pathways.

2. To improve the coherence, consistency, structure and balance of the six Vocational Pathways to provide better support for development of high quality foundation learning programmes for all learners at National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 2, and include accurate assessment information that supports NCEA Level 2 achievement with a Vocational Pathway award.

3. To improve the overall coherence and clarity of the Vocational Pathways by including Level 3 Qualification pathways to help learners see the relevance of their learning and inform their choices about future direction by indicating how their learning and achievement is valued by broad sectors of the workforce.

Password: vocational

Dale Williams from CORE Education Digital Media on Vimeo.



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