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Dual Medium Schools

Dual Medium Schools

Owner: Andy Morgan

Group members: 13


Kia ora koutou

This year, after much discussion over the previous year, I have worked with two principals in Hamilton, Rubina Wheeler and Christine Jessop to begin the development of an association for schools which have both Māori and English Medium learning components.  Some would call us bilingual schools, but this misses the mark that our students are in an immersion environment for learning of Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga within the context of a school where a number of other students learn in an English medium.

We have been well supported by MOE staff from Hamilton and there has been interest from wider afield.

We are at the point of finalising the information from four hui we held in the central region- Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, East Coast.  We would have liked to travel further to discuss ideas, gain an understanding and look at possibilities, but we are all principals working in our own schools.

We will finish collating the information this term and begin to look at how we can manage to set up a large hui/conference next year with speakers and leaders within our sector who can share and facilitate discussion and further direction.    Hopefully we can get some traction in terms of support from the MOE, while retaining independence as an association/organsiation.  According to information from the Teacher's Council we received at the Tauranga hui, 70% of tamariki learning in an immersion environment learn in dual medium school settings.  As such, we need more consideration.  Especially in the context of the latest information published, which indicates a decline in the numer of speakers of Te Reo Māori.

Brief description: Dual Medium Schools - Schools struggling to balance the implementation of two curriuculm, Nga Whanaketanga, National Standards, prejudices, difficulties in staffing and property resourcing etc as we do not fit the "normal" mould.