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Christchurch Special School's Cluster

Christchurch Special School's Cluster

Owner: Emily Keenan

Group members: 49


The Christchurch Special School's Cluster is made up of 4 special schools in Christchurch. 

We are working together on the Learning with Digital Technologies (LwDT) contract, collaborating, sharing and learning together. 

This VLN space will be our main virtual platform. It is a space to virtually support each other's inquiry focus, to share & access resources and a space to share ideas, ask questions and network amongst the cluster. 

All schools took part in the ELPF and there were three common themes that emerged. From here there emerged three cluster themes. These are:

1) Leadership - Inquiry Leader's Group Home

2) Teaching and learning-Inquiry Leader's Group Home

3) Community engagement- Inquiry Leader's Group Home

We will use these 3 pages as a shared space to support the Inquiry Leader's specific Teaching as Inquiry focus. 



3 December   4-5:30pm Van Asch Hub, Wharenui School 

32 Matipo Street. 


This is the planning session  for 2015. We are likely to be working in school groups. 

Before the next session please make sure you have completed the end of year evaluation.

Special Schools End of Year evaluation 


Contact Emily - emily.keenan@core-ed.org if you have any questions. smiley

Other pages we'll use 

Group Discussion - This space to ask questions and share ideas

Group Bookmarks- This space to share links to websites that may interest others in the cluster.

Groups Resources- This space to share resources with all members of this VLN group 

Brief description: The Christchurch Special School's Cluster

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