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Connected Rotorua Teachers

Connected Rotorua Teachers

Owner: Marnel van der Spuy

Group members: 64


OriginTwo experienced teachers wanted to start a professional learning network based in Rotorua; Annemarie Hyde (DP of Mokoia Intermediate) and Marnel van der Spuy (Assistant Principal. ICT Lead & Junior School Teacher at Broadlands School. CORE Education eFellow 2014. Seconded as .2 Learning Facilitator at Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru).

Teachers are needing personal learning networks more and more. They saw a need for teachers, in our area, with interests in learning with digital technologies to have face to face opportunities to network with others.

The Aim is to gauge an interest from Rotorua teachers (and surrounding areas) who want to further develop in future focussed learning discussion and share ideas, resources and practices on a regular basis.

The Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru Learning Team are currently co-ordinating the meetings.

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