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Cobham Intermediate

Cobham Intermediate

Owner: Anthony Faitaua

Group members: 13


This is a place for teachers from Cobham Intermediate and LwDT facilitators to collaborate and share information as we develop e-Learning inquires. 

Quick links:

'Getting started on VLN'. If you're new to VLN, check out this site and find other groups to join by clicking on the Groups link above. 

BYOD. Explore the world of students bringing their own devices on resources, links and conversations about BYOD.

Learning with Digital Technologues for Māori and Pasifika learners. Blended e-Learning to inspire Māori and Pasifika learners. 

Blended e-Learning Literacy. A community for all those interested in raising student achievement in literacy through the use of relevant e-Learning tools.

Special Education Online. SE Online is for ECE and school teachers of children with special education needs.

Group discussion: A place for us to share and discuss ideas or ask questions.

Group pages: A place where we can find and add resources.

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