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St Ignatius

St Ignatius

Owner: DiWilkes

Group members: 14


A place for teachers to share resources and communicate.

Our eLearning statement:  

“eLearning embodies our St Ignatius school values to be respectful, responsible, generous and happy learners who connect, collaborate, discern and model global citizenship”

Our vision:

"Learners at St Ignatius Catholic school, inspired by the Josephite charism of St Mary MacKillop of the Cross, will live and celebrate our faith with respect and integrity, growing self responsibility and valuing each other. As independent, motivated learners we will actively engage in experiences that ensure self-reflection, critical and creative thinking and risk taking in order to nurture our intrinsic desire to be connected lifelong learners in a changing world."

Our values:

  • respectful
  • responsible
  • generous
  • happy

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