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Nelson College IT community

Nelson College IT community

Owner: Ray Burkhill

Group members: 6


A place for teachers from Nelson College to collaborate and share information as they develop their e-inquiries.

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A great starting point if you are new to the VLN is to join the Getting Started on the VLN group.

You can find other VLN groups that might be useful for your inquiries by clicking on the Groups link at the top of this page.

Group discussion - a place to share ideas and ask questions.

Group pages - this is where you can find useful information relating to e-learning and inquiry.

Group resources - another place to find and share resources.


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Click on the links below to go straight to selected VLN groups relevant to our current areas of development. 

BYOD in Schools Exploring the world of students bringing their own device to support learning

Blended e-Learning for Māori and Pasifika Learners Resources, links and conversations about Blended e-Learning to inspire Māori and Pasifika Learners.

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