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NEN Trial

NEN Trial

Owner: Patrick Marentette

Group members: 18


This group is for the research team and schools involved in the NEN Trial. It provides a convenient space for the research team to share information, communicate to all schools at once and post research reports as they are completed. This is also a space for schools to share ideas and resources, ask questions and celebrate successes.

The NEN Trial evaluation

Dear Schools,

Work on the NEN Trial evaluation has been continuing behind the scenes. In recent months we were primarily focussed on getting the School Technical Infrastructure Survey into the field working closely with Torque IP. That has been very successful to date.

Pat has now returned to Canada so I am working on my own to complete the NEN Trial evaluation in the next few months. This will include repeating both the Teacher and Principal surveys from 2011 and providing a final summary report of the findings from the NEN Trial as they relate to the Network for Learning.

A report on the 2011 teacher survey is almost ready for publication and should be available here in the next few weeks. Apologies for the delay in getting this out. Key findings were reported internally but the final report was not completed until very recently. 

Cheers Lorrae




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