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Owner: Michael Loretz

Group members: 18


We are a single school cluster from Mt. Roskill Grammar School in Auckland.

Brief description: Mt. Roskill Grammar School

Teaching as Inquiry: eLead Team 2012

Over the past three years the eLead Team has used the cyclical process of Teaching as Inquiry (The New Zealand Curriculum) to pose questions, gather evidence and make decisions about their practice and use of digital technologies to improve learning opportunities and outcomes for students.

The challenge in this context has been to grow a professional learning community within the context of a large, urban secondary school where teacher practice is generally more subject-specialised within subject based departments. Teaching as Inquiry has provided a common framework for the group while recognising the value of professional learning opoprtunties that recognise multiple perspectives and flexibile opportunites to learn. Teaching as Inquiry at MRGS

Sophie Wright: e-Learning Director, AHOD Mathematics, Maths-Nerd

Fiona Burns: AHOD English & eLearning Enthusiast

Donna Hourigan-Johnston: Counsellor

Laura Leman: Maths Teacher

 Vasu Subramoney: Maths Teacher

 Ashween Kumar: Science

 Lorraine Vickery:

 Glynn Sergeant: Computing

 Gaylyn Byrne: Social Sciences

 Joanna Rainey: Science




Sophie Wright - Director of eLearning Mt Roskill Grammar

Sophie describes elearning at Mt Roskill Grammar School.

More from elearning team at Mt Roskill can be explored here.