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  • Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)

Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)

Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)

Owner: Eddie Reisch

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Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)


  • The name "Te Ara" means "the pathway" and the name "Tūhāhā" means "be spaced' or "many"


  • The word "Tūhāhā" is normally associated with the saying "Rangi Tūhāhā" meaning the "be spaced heavens" or the many divisions or levels of heavens that are often spoken in our Māori narratives throughout the many tribes of Aotearoa. In some areas there 10 levels, in others there are 12 or more.


  • In Māori narrative the divine being known as Tane ascended the Rangi Tūhāhā" to the uppermost heaven to gain the 3 baskets of knowledge that were situated there.


  • Tane was also acknowledged as the progenitor of mankind


  • Whilst Tane was climbing the heavens he encountered many trials and tribulations that challenged him to prevail over them and to carry on in his ascension of the heavens; eventually he overcame these to achieve the fruits of his labour; gaining access to all knowledge both celestial and terrestrial.


  • In a modern perspective the name Te Ara Tūhāhā would allude to the fact that knowledge awaits any one who is willing to ascend the different levels or the many pathways that lay ahead and to take on the many challenges that are before them as they climb. Thru this challenge it is the satisfaction of gaining the uppermost heaven and receiving the fruits of their labour, or in the person's case excelling in their ability to achieve anything that they put their mind to.