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Morningside School

Morningside School

Owner: Tracey Alison

Group members: 13


We are a decile three primary school situated in Whangarei, with a roll of approximately 180 students.  We are currently on an ICT journey and are part of the Whangarei eLearning Cluster.  


  • Reflection - Adam

    Last updated by Gina Kitchen
    ICT, within the classroom I have used laptops and the interactive whiteboard as part of my independent group rotation programme. I have had an encouraging experience with this, and have tried many different things. While I have suffered...
  • Youtube Revolution...Interesting Result-Term 4 2012

    Last updated by David van de Klundert Comments (1)
    Reflective Summary Year Level: Year 5 and 6 Focus: YouTube Revolution Rationale:  The main intention behind this self-directed learning programme was to have students select an area of learning from You Tube that they could manage and learn...
  • Reflective Summary - Jo

    Last updated by Gina Kitchen Comments (1)
    Room 1 have continued their use of ICT mainly in three areas, publishing, gardening and geometry. Publishing. The class were familiar with publishing using Activinspire and enjoyed the creativity of using the camera tool to embellish their text....
  • ICT Reflective Summary: Clare Newman

    Last updated by Clare Newman Comments (1)
    Part-Time Teacher - Year 2 & 3 Class. Focus: To integrate the laptops into my basic facts programme and where appropriate 'strand' maths. Rationale: As we were lucky enough to have access to computers on wheels I wanted to make use of them in...
  • iPods in the classroom

    Last updated by Gina Kitchen
    Ipods and Ipad in Room 12 Last term I was lucky enough to get 5 iPods to trial in the classroom as tools for learning.  This has been an amazing experience and the children have loved every minute of it! Key Points: - I plugged my iPad into...
  • Reflective Summary - Sally

    Last updated by Sally Shroff
    Year Level: Year 3 to Year 6 at first then I opened this up to the whole school. Focus: To become more familiar with what a blog is and how to set one up. To create a blog that supports my Maths Programme. The Rationale: I was approached...
  • My learning so far……….

    Last updated by Raewyn Turner Comments (1)
    As a result of attending Learning in Schools in January of 2012 and observing the fun being had by some attendees I purchased an IPod while away. Throughout this year Gina has run several appsters meetings where those interested got together and...
  • Robyn's Reflective Summary

    Last updated by Gina Kitchen Comments (1)
    Sept 2011 - Sept 2012 Using the Interactive Whiteboard and Active Inspire Programme. To become more confident and competent in using IWB.   First used for * daily morning routines: roll taking, student sign in calendar, Jolly Phonics...
  • Educamp 2012

    Last updated by Gina Kitchen
    I was lucky to attend this year's Educamp held at St Francis Xavier School.  I had a very positive and inspiring experience. Positives: - The wealth of ideas, resources and troubleshooting pointers was incredible.  I returned to school...
  • Reflective Summary September 2012

    Last updated by Ali Booth
    Context The context for this summary is based predominantly in a Year 2/3 classroom. Over the last 3 years the students and I have been learning how to access the features of the classroom computers with a particular emphasis on the ActivInspire...
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